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When should the treatment take place?

When should the treatment take place?

If you're under the impression that you might be losing your hair, kindly evaluate your condition using the scale at the side.


If your hair loss hasn't yet reached Level 6, you have measures you can choose from to prevent ongoing hair loss. If not so, surgical operation would be the best option for you to take. A dermatologist will help you with the determining of your hair type and choosing the most ideal treatment for you.


You may question yourself before considering any treatment:


        Do you have any relatives complaining of hair loss? (mother/father, grandfather, uncle, brother, etc)

        Are these relatives going through hair loss still young or middle aged?

        Are you concerned about the future of your hair?


If one of your answers to these questions is yes", it is time for you to consult your dermatologist for further action you might be required to take.


When to take action?


In case of you losing around 100-200 hair strands everyday, indication is towards signs of male type hair loss. It is best not to panic but to consult to a dermatologist immediately.

Hair loss usually progressesin a stealthy manner. And for that matter, it becomes very difficult to point out to the exact time when you lost your hair and no new ones started growing in their place.

whenever, there are portions of your scalp which are bare or you have a slight idea of ongoing hair loss, the best thing to do is to consult your dermatologist.


If you belong to the category of people who mind their hair loss, then now is the right time to look for a solution and act accordingly.


What have been people doing about hair loss?


People tend to youth, liveness and attractiveness with having nice hair and a healthy growth. A person with weak hair and even hair loss does not fit this picture. And for that matter, since centuries people have been trying to discover various methods to come up with solutions for this problem. In this day and age, the causes behind hair loss in males is almost completely discovered and techniques developed to help fight these causes. Some of these techniquesaim towards making an individual look more attractive on the outside but treatment with the drugs aims towards the uprooting of the real cause behind hair loss.

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