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Things should be paid attention after Hair Transplantation

Things should be paid attention after Hair Transplantation

Post operation

 How you feel after the operation depends on the type and range of the approach taken. Post operation any pain needs to be taken care of through the use of pain killers.

 Any bandaging is removed the day after the operation. It is advisable to start washing your hair 2-3 days post operation as instructed until the stitches are removed. Stitches are usually removed 15th day from the day of the operation.

 Any stressful or hard activities could result in bleeding at the grafts and operated area due to sudden increase in the blood pressure of the scalp. Thereby it is advisable that you refrain from all kinds of stressful and hard activities as well as sports for atlas 3 weeks. And doctors suggest not to have intercourse for 10 days after the operation.


Matters to pay attention after the hair transplantation operation:


1- You must use the drugs exactly as your doctor prescribes.


2- Instructions/effects for at least 3 days post operation


Avoid hard work

Avoid getting overexcited



Avoid intercourse

Rest your head the way as per the instructions if need be to go out


3- Daily work can be resumed 1 day post operation.


4-Light exercises can be resumed 2 weeks post operation.


5- You must not smoke until your stitches are removed, which is to take place on the  15th day post  operation. If not possible, care should be taken not to smoke at least for the first 3 days since the operation.


6- Try to avoid going out in the sun without any protection for the first three months. If need be to go out in the sun, wearing a hat is a must.


7- Post operation, there will be a temporary loss of sense in the back of your head as is the case of  any other surgical operation. The reason behind this is the slight cutting of externalnerves in order to remove the skin band from that area.  In a few months these nerves renew on their own and the feeling of loss of sensedisappears.


8- Do not use any alcohol in the period you are using drugs.


9- Although not common, there could be a light swelling in the forehead area in the 2nd or 3rd day post operation. The reason for this is that the drugs applied under your skin during the operation tend to rush downwards due to the effect of gravity. In this case, applying ice compress packs and using the prescribed drugs will make the swelling disappear in a very short time. Even without your efforts, this swellingwill disappear in 2 days on its own.  If you're using contact lenses, do not use them 2-4 days post operation.


10- Be careful not to expose the transplantation area in your head to any stress for 2 weeks after the operation.


11- There is a possibility ofbleeding like leakingat the back of the head after the operation. This is a common situation and there is no need to be alarmed. If the bleedings continue one day after the operation, call your doctor.


12- Starting from the 2nd and 3rd days of the operation, wash your hair strictly as instructed below.


13- Keep water away from your head while you're showering and only wash the body below your neck until the 15th day after the operation.


14-After the 2nd-3rd days post operation, you will wash your hair as instructed below:

Squeeze your lotion in your hands and apply it to the implant area without pressing your hand on the head.

Leave the lotion in your hair about 1-1.5 hours and wash it off with warm or cold water while pressing your hand lightly.

Now, pour some shampoo in your hands and again without pressing your hand, wash your hair and form a lather.

Without delay, wash off the shampoo with warm or cold water. You can use a soft towel to dry your hair without pressing and wrapping it around your head. Keep washing your head this way until your stitches are removed on the 15th day after the operation.

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