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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapyis a non-surgical cosmetic medicinal treatment. This treatment is applied directly to the middle layer of the skin. The application of mesotherapy has witnessed success inhair, beard and moustache areas. The purpose behind mesotherapy is to get more effective results by injecting less active substance to the transplantation area. The serums containing the required vitamins and minerals for hair prepared particularly, are directly injected to the middle layer of the skin and hair follicles.  This application helps to prevent the loss of the hair and refreshes the wornout hair. It is a treatment that prevents the loss of hair caused by seasonal effects, eating disorder related conditions and stress related problems as well.

Benefits of Mesotherapy:It may be applied orally, has a relatively low cost and has hardly any  side effects. Its sessions have longer time periods between them as compared to the other applications and it has the benefit of being applied either under or on the surface of the skin.

Drugs used in mesotherapy: A series of drugs are used in the mesotherapy method. All the usable drugs are certified by FDA (American Food and Drug Association) with many of them being herbal concoctions. The important thing in the usage of drugs is to be well informed of the pharmacological properties and possible side effects that could carise when various drugs interact with each other.

The results of mesotherapy: First changes may be seen after the first 5-7 sessions. A period of 3 months is required to visibly notice the first improvements. In the first month of the mesotherapy the sessions are applied once a week, in the second month of the treatment, the sessions are every ten days and in the last month only one session is applied. Almost 20 sessions are required during the three months of treatment.