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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

There can be many causes of hair loss. It is vital to know about the causes of hair loss since without  a thorough inspection of the causes, there cant be a real treatment approach to the problem.


Hair loss if found in both males and females, although it is found to be more frequent in males. Studies show it affects 25% of the males till the age of 25, 40% of the males till 40 and 50% of the males till 50.


It can be seen on both sides of forehead or top of the head for males, but may also affect all of the head. Female hair loss can be mostly seen as dilution of the hair.


It is imperative that before going for a treatment, the type of the hair loss should be examined by an experienced doctor. Hair loss can be triggered by various reasons such as hormonal and metabolic disorders and dietary effects. A complete treatment can never be achieved without getting properly rid of these causes. Particularly, attention should be paid to the cosmetics we use for preventing hair loss. Hair diseases, dandruff and hair loss can be prevented through the use of natural olive oil, almond oil, daphnia oil, shampoo and soaps for cleaning the hair. Health products in pharmacies should be preferred over health products.


Usual Hair Loss


Hair,will fall due to natural reasons such as combing, washing with shampoo, brushing, shaping to hair, once its lifetime is over. New hair grows to replace the ones lost. On an average, an individual loses around 100 hair on a daily basis. Hair loss in newborn babies and the pregnancy period may be counted as normal hair loss as well.


Hair Loss due to Stress


For a long time now, the relation between skin diseases and stress and psychic phenomena has come to be well known. It is possible that a person may reflect psychological individual or family problems in a dermatological way. Another reason is that a skin problem (hair loss) can cause individual or psychological disorders which can harm the image of the body and may even result in  psychosocial negativities. As a summary, following are the two kinds of relationship between hair loss and stress:


    Firstly, there can be hair losses caused by stress without any visible or well known organic reasons, with the possible background of a neurotic spiritual condition.


    Secondly, a person may show psychological reactions towards their appearance after hair loss.




Baldness is primarily a hereditary cause which prevents hair from growing again. Few reasons for baldness could be a chemotherapy or the usage of cancer drugs, which may result in hair loss.


History tells us that androgenic alopecia had a medical description by Aristo for the first time in history B.C. 4th century. The philosopher has described a relation between baldness and sexuality. Research was carried out on baldness in Egypt during the Ottoman period. After many years, there were researches carried out once again, and researches attest to the fact that the castrated male never goes bald with other researches during Abdulhamits period attesting to this fact.



There is a relation between baldness and testosterone androgen as well. Testosterone and androgen are converted into dehydrotestesterone (DHT) by an enzyme called Alfa-5 reductase. DHT shows its effect after attaching itself to the receptors on the hair roots.


In recent years, due to development in the hair transplantation technique, hair implantation has emerged as the most important method in the treatment of baldness.

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