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Folliculer Unit Extraction Method (FUE)

Folliculer Unit Extraction Method (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction method or FUE is the most recent of hair transplantation techniques to be used both in the world and here in turkey. It is a technique which promises natural results using hair and planting them well. Specifically, FUE takes hair follicles from an area with abundant hair growth and transfers them on an individual basis to the hairless areas.


This technique proceeds by removing follicular units or grafts directly from the skin level of the follicle. this method is referred to as non-invasive. The FUE method comes with the advantage that it doesnt require the use of lancets, sutures and there are no scars visible in the are from where the follicle is removed. FUE technique ensures that people who have been suffering through hairlessness, and are forced to withdraw themselves from social life, are able to regain their hair without complications.


On comparing FUE and FUT, it is observed that although their hair removal methods are different, yet the method of transplanting the new follicles to new positions remains the same.


On hearing the explanationDr. Rassman had to explain regarding the scientific conclusions of FUE technique, which he called the FOX Procedure, our surgical office started researching the mentioned extraction method. The first time we carried out the FUE technique was in the year 2004.  It is in common use today in the form of an improved version propounded by Dr. Ray Woods and developed by Dr. William Rassman known as FOX.


The FUE technique adopted by our team makes it possible to transplant between 3000 and 4300 follicular units (grafting) in a single session. It combines modern plastic surgery with micro surgery in an artistic manner thereby turning out to make an unprecedented revolution in hair transplantation as a groundbreaking approach that appeals to those suffering from lack of hair due to the natural results it offers when compared to other methods.


Hairlessness is both a physical and psychological problem, affecting every one out of nine men. It either results in loss of hair or the thinning of hair.


The conclusion drawn is that both FUE and FUT have equal results in perfection. The only difference lies in the method of taking follicles from the donor area. The transplanting stage is the same as in FUT.


Apart from the aforementioned, there are no differences in the end result of the transplantations. We have a lot of successful experiences in this area since the June of 2004, here in Turkey.


The situations in which Follicular Unit Extraction should be opted for:


        Post surgery if there be a need to shave off the head entirely, FUE is a good option to consider. In case of hair being lower than 0.5cm, the thin line in the donor area is clearly visible.

        We personally prefer the FUE technique since a small amount of hair is good enough for transplantation. FUE is a convenient method for individuals having space at the temporal side or scars.

        In case of the donor area not being enough, FUE enlarges the donor area. The possibility of obtaining follicles from other body areas blessed with hair increases the number of hair follicles available for carrying out the transplantation.

        FUE should be preferred for individuals who are young and have higher skin elasticity, since this increases the possibility of larger scars.

        FUE has proved to be useful for partial transplantation of the brow, beard and moustache.


Stages of FUE transplantation


        It begins with the back of the neck being shaved. The FUT technique requires a comparatively larger area.

        The extraction of roots follows, after the patient is sedated with anaesthesia. The roots are taken out one after another using 0.9-1 mm diameter needles.

        The grafts generated in this technique are formed by follicle units and they need not be operated upon.

        The above mentioned procedures may have to be repeated with 2-day breaks until the desired graft number is complete.

        The entire process is under the guidance of a doctor with as small a crew as possible.

        Before the FUE technique is carried out on a patient, the FOX test is taken for the patient thereby determining the suitability of the patient for hair transplantation. This proves an advantageous test specially in case of hesitant patients but then it has its disadvantages as well.


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