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Follicular Unit Transplantation - FUT Hair Implant

Follicular Unit Transplantation - FUT Hair Implant

Follicular Hair Transplantation is the most advanced and developed hair implantation technique  known to man.



Since decades it has overruled the mini micro graft hair transplantation both in terms of time and effectiveness.


Below are the details of modern hair transplantation techniques and vital characteristics of Follicular Hair Transplantation.



What is meant by a Follicular Unit ?



Follicular units refer to the bunches of hair growing on the scalp. For an adult, there are four units or 1-4 terminals of thick hair follicles on the scalp. Miniaturised or shorter hair with shorter diameters gradually tend to replace healthy terminal hair on scalp regions affected by genetic hair loss. Follicular units give the look of small hair groups growing together on the scalp surface.


This refers to the process of the separation of hair roots into follicular units into pairs or group of threes. This is done through the vivid use of microscopes at the same time ensuring that the quality of hair is not compromised. The hair root sample is extracted from the part most resistant to hair loss, which is the nape of the neck. Here, the hair are in abundance and more qualitative as compared to hair roots resulting through the classic mini-graft technique, thus ensuring a stronger and frequent hair implant.



How to retrieve a Follicular Unit?


This is carried out by firstly measuring and calculating hair density of the follicular unit per 2 cm, for the purpose of gathering an appropriate amount of hair on the hair implant region.


To have the desired hair density, the most suitable conditions for the necessary band length and width are calculated.


Surgery is carried out to retrieve grafts from the back side of the scalp. To prevent damage from happening to the follicular unit, the tissue is taken our in a single piece. Particularly, this is a very vital feature of follicular hair transplantation. The reason for this is that it not only protects the follicular units but simultaneously, keeps the hair follicles from damages i,e cuts. Th vast difference between this technique and the mini-micro grafting technique lies in the fact that the hair follicles are kept from unacceptable cuts and fractures on follicle units through the intensive use of multi-edged knives.


Closure of the Donor Area and Resulting Scars


The area from where the band of hair is extracted is closed and sealed using sutures and the stitches are done away with in about 15 days. As a result, the scars are almost invisible as long a you do not go for a very low hair cut. The results achieved are completely normal since the technique ensures there is no damage done to the integrity of both head and hair.



Appropriate conditions for Follicular Unit Extraction to be chosen


        For patients who are not planning to have a null hair cut or a hair cut lower than 0.5 cm.

        For patients having lack of time and thus, desiring a quick hair transplantation.

Choosing FUT technique make sit very well possible to achieve results, keeping in mind the demands of the patient.


Advantages of the FUT technique:


        Ensures best results in shortest time possible.

        If more hair roots are needed, it can be merged with other techniques then and there. For e.g.., FUT + FUE.

        Ensures there is no damage to the natural structure of the hair groups resulting in maximum growth of hair.

        It is possible to reduce the size of channels in the receiver area, causing a more natural implant with greater density. Smaller channels mean the blood flow doesn't harm the hair feeding on the blood. Thus, the rapid growth of newly implanted hair is achieved.

        In the FUT technique, the tissue outside the hair can be easily trimmed and retrieved with our causing damage to the unit, using stereoscopic microscopes. This ensures that grafts formed only with hair can be prepared with our causing damage to their tissue. Grafts prepared this way make it possible to have the desired shape of hair since they initiate the natural form of hair.

        The FUT technique uses slits. These slits are tiny lines opened in channels. the slit technique provides for you to penetrate the natural hair with our causing harm to their roots. This makes it easier to increase the volume of hair, not yet fully lost.



Disadvantages of FUT technique:


        Despite of being a painless method, the surgery requires stitches.

        In the event of the hair being cut too short, a scar shaped as a tiny line may be visible.

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